Tomorrow is the BIG Day!

It's my gosh darn BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

I'm pretty sure I get more excited for my birthday than anyone else on the planet.
A lot of people look down on me for it because it's selfish and blah diddy blah blah blah.

Well I'm here to tell you that it surely is not.
We only get one day out of 365 just to ourselves.
And then we still have to share it with eleventy million other people.

So why exactly would one not love this ONE day of the year that's all theres?

Kindergarten sharing rules go out the window.
Diet rules follow right along with them.
You can cry about anything if you want to because the song says so.
You get to stuff your face full of cupcakes.
You might just get a pretty little present.
You can go out with all of your friends and be the happiest clam in the sea.
And you know what reason tops the entire list...

You're freakin' ALIVE.
Yeah I said it, you're simply just living life on this planet.
That right there is something to celebrate just in itself.

"Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many."

One of the most perfect quotes to remember to live by.
We are all lucky just to make it to another year, another birthday.
And we all know someone that we wish could have seen another of their own.

So by all means celebrate the crap attack out of yours with a smile on your face and a pretty pair of heels on your feet!

And with that said, I give you my birthday wish list:

Tickets to the Giants vs. Cowboys season opener.
The cheapest ones on Stub Hub right now start out at a whopping $200 each.
Nuckin' futs I tell ya, but hey a girl can dream.
That's why this is called a WISH list.

This sparkly frilly dress to dance the night away in.
I would twirl so many times in this beauty.

My beloved Miss Dior Cherie perfume.
I dedicated an entire post to this heavenly fragrance once.

(4)The bow necklace from Dogeared.
I could put a bow on anything or any body part and be content.
And this one is just so dainty and cute that I could wear it every day.
Want want want.

Now here is one thing I know I will be getting tomorrow.
An UNLIMITED crab leg dinner.


And that is that my friends.
I am heading home today to celebrate my birth as well as the countries birth with all of my lovely High School friends and family.

There will be laughter, hot tub wine nights, tanning, drinking, boating on the lake, bon fires, and bliss for the entire week.
So don't mind me if I'm a little MIA, I have some partying to partake in!