These Are My Confessions

I confess that...

This was dinner one night this week...real nutritious Erin.

I tweeted this a couple days ago:

"#IdRatherHaveTheiPhone5ComeOutThan receive a lap dance from Channing Tatum."

So true. Apple needs to release that shit ASAP because this little mama has a smashed back on her current phone and has an upgrade waiting to be taken advantage of.

That's what she said.

I was rather shocked to gain about ten followers from my "Flow" guest post yesterday.

Apparently I'm not the only gross weirdo in Blogland, so thanks for that.

I am more pumped than a New Jersey gas tank for the Olympics to start tonight.

 7:30pm NBC, be there, or get out of the good ol' U S of A

Oh and P.S. that gymnast dude and that swimmer dude can come have a sleepover with me any day of the week. Totally wouldn't mind. HOT damn.

Gymnast Dude

Swimmer Dude

Eating off of a Vera Bradley plate makes everything taste ten times better.

Even though melted peanut butter on a rice cake always tastes perfectly swell.

I'm ready for fall and it isn't even August yet.

The cardigans, the football, the holidays, the leaves. Is there anything better?

Someone make me stop wishing away life so I can start to enjoy the present.

I am most certainly proud of the fact that I have gotten on base every single time I've been up to the plate in kickball.

I's only been two measly games, but hey that's a record for this cheerleader.

Look close and you can see the Brooklyn Bridge behind the kickball court!

Look close and you can see my Katniss braid and a little pink bow to top it all off
Gotta stay classy even in the sportiest of situations

I am also most certainly proud that I realized the ONLY pieces of clothing I have purchased ALL summer are from Target and total up to cost less than a hundred smackaroos.

But I couldn't count the dollars spent on Blue Moons on all of my followers' fingers and toes combined.

It all evens out I guess.

I am finally mailing out the 100 followers giveaway to Jade today now that I have reached the 200 followers mark.

OOOPS! Don't hate me lady :(

I'm in all honesty contemplating moving to Beverly Hills and becoming a nanny after "accidentally" watching Beverly Hills Nannies.

Play with kids all day, receive a Bentley, chill in a mansion, eat the personal chef's meals, party, and get paid $40 an hour for doing so?

Sign me up.

And while we're at it...that Kristin bitch on this show belongs in the same dumpster that I'd like to drop kick KStew into.

But I beg you not to watch this. It is SO unbelievably bad.

I feel like I'm the only person in the world that gets ridiculously, uberly, overly excited for thunderstorms and tornado watches and crazy ass weather.

I live for it. It makes me happier than a corgi on stilts.

What are you confessing today?
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