These Are My Confessions

I Confess That...
I slapped on my sneaks this week for the first time in almost a year.
And I swear that is not a lie.
That means I am extremely unhealthy, yup I got it.

The only reason the sneaks got to experience sunlight was because my summer KICKBALL league started.

This is part of the team:

Our team is eloquently named "Sit On My Base"
Classy a$$ betches over here.
We really only participate in order to go to the bar afterwards with all the other teams to play flip cup with cheap pitchers.
This is obviously apparent by our 23 to 3 loss at our first game.
We were also blessed with the cutest color t-shirts ever in life.
Sorry to all you Texans but this "TX Orange" color is crap.

Moving on to other confessions...

I need this end table.
It's from Target.
It costs too much money to be from Target.
So it is not mine.
Sad face.

This is a real thing.
Someone handed this flyer to me on the street.
It's like the world is whispering in my ear to go buy myself a puppy.
The world needs to back off.

Even though I know that you can actually get more burnt when it's cloudy I never ever ever seem to listen.
Your girl wound up with a nice little sunburned nose after this beach day.

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