Pins and a Pinhead

I haven't linked up for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday in quite some time.

But since I've had writer's block all day an extremely uneventful last 24 hours and have nothing else to say I decided why not.

So here are some pretty little pins to feast your eyeballs on.

Let there be color

Give your heart a break

'S' is for the Sweetest thing ever

Yellow but definitely not mellow

Prim and Proper

Ruffles and Ridges
Source: via Elisa on Pinterest

My heart is now mush

Erin's future puppy
Source: via Ally on Pinterest

Oh and just one other thing...

My main girl on my list of betches I'd like to sucker punch straight into the Arctic Tundra to get chomped on by a Polar Bear, Kristen Stewart?


Let's all give one loud "YA DUMB" to that awkward piece of ragged mess.

I'm sure you've heard the scandal about K-Stew having an affair with her 41 year old married Snow White and The Huntsmen producer?

If you haven't please remove the rock that you are living under.

Or just tell me to get a life.

No don't.

I'll sucker punch you to the Arctic as well.

But, for real y'all...

I don't understand why anyone would have an affair in the first place.

Then I don't understand why an average joe would have an affair out in public in broad daylight.

Then I REALLY don't understand why a famous person stalked by billions of Twihards and papz all day errday would have an affair out in public in broad daylight.

GIRLLL, you are the dumbest thing I've seen since pajama jeans.