Photo 411 Linkup!

I've gained some new followers in the last month or two
and thought it would be a good idea to do a little catch up on who I am
and what I'm about
so that you don't just assume I only love puppies
and hott swimmers named Ryan Lochte.

Although that is pretty dead on.

But I didn't want to do the old and tired "Ten Things About Me, Myself and I" post.

Pictures are WAY more fun!

Then I decided that maybe others would be interested in doing a little 411 as well because everyone loves to talk about themselves, right?

Alas, my PHOTO 411 blogpost was born.

10 different items to add 10 different pictures to.

1. Your Little Tyke Self - you as an infant/toddler/child
2. Your High School Self - duh
3. Your College Self - if you didn't go to college get creative
4. Your Right Now Self - a recent picture of yourself
5. Your Furry Friend - your real pet or what you'd die to have as a pet
6. Your Manly Friend - boyfriend/husband/gay bff/celeb crush
7. Where You Once Lived - a place you no longer live in
8. Where You Now Live - wherever your butt currently resides
9. What You Love - self explanatory
10. What You Miss - could be anything!

They are all things that you should already have pictures of stashed away on your computer, Facebook, iPhone, Blog, Myspace?, etc.

If you don't have a picture or your life doesn't fit one of the titles then just post an eCard or a pretty pretty Pinterest picture or a snapshot of your kneecap.

Whatever, ANYTHING goes!

Just make sure you let everyone know where to find the link up and then link your post up at the bottom of this page so everyone can stalk your life learn more about you.

The link up will be going all week so take your sweet precious time if you must.

Here we go:

1. My Little Tyke Self

Swinging on swings without a care in the world

2. My High School Self

Cheerleading was life throughout High School

3. My College Self

Joining a sorority = tons of themed parties
Real cute...

4. My Right Now Self

Drinking burrs and petting strangers' puppies = my life now
You think I'm joking...

5. My "Dream" Furry Friend

I die, give me him to me right NOW

6. My Manly Friend

I don't have one of these either.
So this is the truth.

7. Where I Once Lived

Good ol' Upstate New York

8. Where I Now Live

I <3 NY

9. What I Love

My fam bam thank you ma'am
Dad, Mom, Me, Lil Broski

10. What I Miss

Vacations in the Caribbean playing on the beach