Life Lately

So I've been home since Monday afternoon and haven't stopped going since I stepped off the bus.

Lil Broski and his girlfriend Britt picked me up and we headed straight to the gorges.

Because Ithaca is GORGES after all...

Me, Britt, and my nephew Dutch

He decided to take a little #2 down in that water. GA-ross.

But he's the cutest little man ever so we love him still.

That night Ithaca had fireworks.
Ithaca is at the bottom of Cayuga Lake.
It's one of the Finger Lakes.
It's beautiful.
Google that sh*t.

Anyway, the best place to watch the fireworks is on a boat in the middle of the lake.
So my friend and I mooched off some dudely men and planted ourselves on their boat.

This was the sunset...told ya it's beauteous.

Moocher #1 and #2

And the fireworks began

This was on Monday night so if you've missed my last two birthday posts then you wouldn't know that this is the night that I turned 23.
The plan was the hightail it back to the dock by 10:30 so that I could head downtown to the bars by midnight when my actual bday began.
Apparently, the heavens above had other plans.
Dudely man's boat gave out.
We started sinking.
So some old guy on his dock saw us paddling to shore and said he could tow us.
We had to hook sinking boat up to functioning boat and then all get in old man's functioning boat.
Then we went about 10mph back to the dock.
So at midnight I was stuck in the middle of the lake on a sinking boat.
Hey, at least I'll forever remember this bday.

My actual birthday turned out better.
It was wineee tour time.
There were 12 of us in the limo.
It got a little crazaaay.

The girlfrands.
I'm in the middle in the pink/blue/green dress.

I obviously found dogs at one of the wineries.
And kissed them.

And rolled around on the floor with them...

And looked like one would after drinking 15 glasses of wine from my Birthday Girl cup.

After we were done touring we came back to my house for a cook out.
Grama came with chocolate covered strawberries - my fave!
And a closer up shot of my pretty Bday Girl wine glass.

America's Birthday was the next day and I spent it doing this.
Pool Pong!

We didn't win a single game...
but my skin is now the shade of a Meheecanas and I am pleased.

So that my friends has been the last three days of my life.
My birthday was a huge success and I've been having a blast with my friends and fam.

Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderfully sweet birthday wishes!
You are all so kind and lovely - thank you for brightening up my already brightened day!