It's Okay: Trashy TV Style

It's Okay...
That the only kind of television I've been watching lately is complete trash.

It's even more okay that I want to dedicate an entire blog post to ranting about it.

Its Ok Thursdays

Teen Mom
Maci should not, I repeat, should not be wearing glasses.
She must be blind as a bat because her eyes about as big as Amber's court bills whenever she has them on.
Stick to contacts little lady.

If I didn't want to punch Farrah in the face before then I definitely do now.
You see,  I've been dreaming for YEARS about getting a French Bulldog and naming him Stitch.
(Like from Lilo & Stitch because it's my favorite)
(Because I'm twelve and still love Disney)
Then the betch goes and does the same damn thing.
And now if I actually still decide to do it everyone will think I copied a Teen Mom.
Oh HELL no.

Dance Moms
It really just is okay that I watch this one.
It's actually good and Miss Abby Lee makes it good.
I'm just confused as to why she's so large and in charge.
No, I get the in charge part and she has that one covered but why oh why is it acceptable to be the size of a baby elephant if you're a DANCE choreographer.
Confuses me.

Don't even get me started on the actual dance moms.
I would drop kick Kelly if I could.
P.S. Mackenzie is the cutest little thing on the planet.

Toddlers & Tiaras
Okay I don't watch this one religiously so that's okay.
But if I'm bored and there isn't any other "better" trash on then I will, so that's not okay.

But I come to the same conclusion every time I watch this show.
It's filled with fugly a$$ mothers who were probably the last to get picked in gym class and definitely the last at school dances, so they try to live vicariously through their daughters.
Who, by the way, are also usually not the prettiest platters in the china cabinet either.

The other insightful piece of this puzzle as that 90% of these families are also ridiculously poor.
And I mean "Let's have family coupon cutting night to save $300 so we can go to the pageant this weekend" poor.
Ohh it bursts my bubble more than anything.

Save that damn $300 and put it in the bank so little miss honey boo boo child can actually go to college and have a diploma instead of a "Most prettiest smile at the age of 4 even though it was a flipper so it doesn't actually count" plack on her wall.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
I just can't with these people.
This is worse than humans being drawn into watching a car crash.
I seriously cannot for the life of me change the channel once this show accidentally comes on.

I am floored by their culture.

Look like a slorestitute every darn day but if you so much as lay your lips on a boysthen the entire family will be shunned forever by all the other slorestitutes.

Oh and then once you do lay your lips on one (at the prime age of 16) you better kiss an education goodbye.
Hellooo, you are only good for scrubbing the floor and making your king a sammy.

Makes me sick.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians
I'm in love with Scott Disick and that is 100% perfectly definitely without a doubt okay.

My man needs his own show.

It doesn't even need to be on E! he can put it on the health channel because my abs for real get a solid workout after laughing at him.

Oh and Kim's KW (Kanye West) earrings?
BARF on a stick and then shove it down my throat.
Could she be any more annoying.

It's okay that I just blogged about all of those things.