I'm Not Here Today

So go check out what I have to say here over on 
Alissa's blog at Graceless Lady because she's having eye surgery and can't be in attendance to this fine party.

That is unless you don't like talking about gross womanly problems.

Cough, Periods, Cough.

And if that's the case then don't go there and just take a look at some cute snuggly puppy faces here instead.

And if you don't like cute snuggly puppy faces then you should probably just sign off my blog and never come back.



Kidding, but honestly, how can one not like puppies?
Source: google.com via Jessica on Pinterest

P.S. it's Thirtsy Thursday bishes...

(I say bishes because Erin gave me a shout out today for contemplating stabbing her in the eye with a fork if she ever left Blogland so I had to give her a shout out because she despises the word "BISH" and I think I might just start using it all the time to make her preggo hormones go batshit crayzay.)

...and that means that it's drunkday.

Unless you're Alissa coming back from eye surgery or you're Erin with a bun in the oven.

I'll drink a beer for the both of ya, how bout that.

Now don't forget to go here and check out my post/Alissa's awesomesauceness.