Frizzle Frazzled

Dear all my Blogland friends,

I feel so out of the Blogland loop.

I have no idea what is going on in any of your lives and this has me all sad, lost, and confused.

I have been so so SO busy this entire week being on vaca at home.

I have had zero time to stalk any of you.

This makes my heart a little heavy.

But I'm currently eating an entire bag full of gummies so it's not that heavy.

But this busy week of mine has got me thinking.

How the HECK on EARTH do people with actual busy normal lives do this Blogland stuff.

Like the ones with a kid (or more) (gasp).

Or even the ones with a husband - because let's face it they're kids too.

Or ones with really demanding 60 hour work week jobs.

Or heart happy giving ones that spend every nugget of free time doing charity work or something.

How do you have time to stalk?

Because I certainly don't have any of the above.

All I'm doing is running around seeing friends, playing beer pong in pools, going to bars, swimming in Gorges, eating, eating, and eating some more, and then sleeping...

And I haven't had a single moment to blog/stalk until about now.

But I just have so many lovely friends that I love to stalk and it has my brain all frazzled that I can't do it.

So then I feel like I have to scroll through the "important" posts when I do finally get a free moment to catch up on your fabulous lives.

Like really just slap me now..."Important" posts?

But I found myself doing that unfortunately.

Like did a baby pop out? Did a manly friend drop down to one knee and put a ring on it? Did a new J.Crew statement necklace become an eBay knockoff?


So, I suck, and I will only allow myself to fall behind this one week.

Because it was my birthday and America's and I'm just having a ball out of life.

AND because we're having a banger of a cook-out/bonfire at my house tomorrow so I'm not off the hook just yet.

Please forgive my absence, I miss all of you in my life.

Bad Blogland Friend