Friday's Fancies: Summer Treat

I'm linking up for Friday's Fancies with Long Distance Loving because I've been completely slacking on my collage making and I've missed it quite frankly.

Is there a job title that involves making Polyvore collages all day?
Because I'd do it for life if there is.

This week's theme was "Summer Treats" and one of my favorites growing up were Bomb Pops.
And yes, it's called a BOMB POP and not a FIRECRACKER.

So I put together a couple pieces that reminded me of this deliciously messy yet patriotic popsicle because today is also the start of the Olympics and a girl's gotta represent the red white and blue.

Summer Treat
Necklace  ::  Top  ::  Shorts

So there you go, an outfit that literally looks like a Bomb Pop.

But if you're a mess and a half like me and tend to forget to lick the bottom because you're too focused on the top (this is sounding real bad) then you probably shouldn't eat one while wearing this pretty little number because those blue drips are SURE to make their way onto that white top.

I hope you all enjoy the Olympics tonight and have an amazing weekend!