A Celebrity, A Celebrity Blogger, and Me

So everyone knows Erin over at Living In Yellow

Am I right, or am I right?

I better be right because she's pretty famous in Blogland.

I mean she shares the same name as me so she's automatically amazeballs
(I can say that because she loves Giuliana Rancic)
(More on that in a second)
but she's also freakin' HIGHlarious and posts about some pretty finger lickin' good stuff.

So anywho...
I knew she was a celebrity in Blogland.
Got it.

But then I was scrolling through my Twitter feed this weekend and saw Miss Giuliana Rancic respond to a tweet about something that a baby was being given.

I'm just as excited about Mini Bill's arrival as the next star struck idiot so I, of course, clicked the link.

Then waited a solid thirty seconds for it to load since I was upstate and
boonies = the square root of something that = no 3G service
(what da fack is that about P.S.)

I digress...

And what do you know the picture of the baby gift is from Erin herself.

I was all like hold up one second or two...is this the same exact Erin that I follow in Blogland?

Yes of course it was, guys, of course.
There aren't too many lovely ladies living in yellow.

So then I was all like hold up one second or four this Erin chick for real is even cooler than I had previously thought?

Apparently the answer to that is yes.
Maybe I need to start wearing more yellow?

Because she's now Twitter buds with Giuliana Rancic Baby R.


And then the second part of this story happened to occur when I was catching up on my blog stalking skills.

 I came across this post in which she actually mentions me (the non celebrity in real life and non celebrity in Blogland who is also named Erin).

Holla to yo mama.

You see, a while back she had a little contest in her comment box telling people to leave a "Dear ____:" comment and she'd pick her favorite one.

Well, my dear friends, I was one of those favorites.

Go get your chicken dinner ready folks, cause I'm a winner.

Apparently my belly button nerd story was indeed slightly comical once you got over the disgusting surface because it beat out 90 other "Dear Blank" comments that day.


P.S. come play a game with me over here at my very first link up!