You Might Be Surprised to Know

I was tagged by Erin to participate in a fun little post today!

You might be surprised to know that...

I work at an Executive Search firm...aka with a bunch of Head Hunters...aka what Mila Kunis does in "Friends with Benefits".
P.S. I'm still waiting to meet my own Justin Timberlake through work.

I come from a huge and insane family. I am the 14th of 15 cousins on my Dad's side and the 2nd of 6 on my Mom's side. Family reunions get a little crazy and there is a lot of drama.
So much that our reunion set for this July has actually been cancelled. Sad face.

I am a nutball when it comes to getting annoyed by things easily. Clear your throat too many times/chomp your chips too loudly/sniffle incessantly/fidget too frequently etc. and I'll go batsh*t crazy.
It's all my own problem and nothing against you...I'm just pretty sure that whole "having tolerance" part of my brain is missing.

My favorite time of the year is not summer. It's from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. It is the most magical time of the year filled with so much family, food, friends, and warm fuzzy feelings.
I would rather lose a month of summer than that month of holiday spirit.

I never fight with my Mom and never have. I was the girl that sat dumbfounded watching her friends scream at their mothers. That whole "I gave my mother hell" stage of life was something I completely skipped over.
There was never anything to fight about, she let me be me (even when she got a cheerleader for a daughter when she was the biggest jock of the school) and I'm so grateful for that.

I used to LOVE reading as a kid and now I absolutely hate it. School ruined reading for me. As soon as it became homework and something I needed to actually memorize it was all down hill.
It takes me a lot of courage to muster up the strength to get into a book these days. And even when I'm truly captivated by an amazing one I will still always count how many pages are left to finish the chapter.
 I am the pickiest chick in all of Manhattan.
I have only ever had one real life actual (Facebook official) boyfriend. It lasted for the first six months of my Freshman year of college (while I was pledging a sorority) and it was a long distance relationship. You can bet how that turned out...
My friends have always said that I seem to be looking for a boyfriend like older people are looking for a husband. They need to be the perfect one or what's the point in dating them in the first place?
I have never understood why people continue dating someone if they already know they won't marry them. Totally mind boggling to me.

I don't work out. At all. Ever.
I didn't go to the gym once in High School. (Cheerleading and Track covered it)
I went a total of three times in College. (Dancing in frats covered it)
And I went about five times (during a 30 month trial period) since I've been in NYC for the last 2.5 years.
I know this isn't healthy for my body but until I turn into an oompa loompa it'll stay that way.
 My dream job is to be the person that lays out magazine articles. I don't want to write anything but I want to be the one that gets to pick out the fonts, organize the layouts, and collage all of the pictures together.
The only problem is I don't even know what this person is called.

 I am the biggest scaredy cat on the planet. This has been the case ever since I was little. I would scream and cry whenever it was bed time because I was afraid of monsters/mean men trying to steal me.
I slept on my parents floor for a long long while and then "graduated" to the top bunk of Lil Broski's bunk bed until about Freshman year of High School. No lies.
I sleep by myself in my own bed now, don't worry.

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