Weekend Recap

Friday afternoon was spent on this pretty little roof with a pretty little $15 cocktail entitled "The Sexy Sexy".

We then headed to Dock's which has amazeballs seafood and I devoured a $20 Lobster Roll. Spicy sauce makes my whole life worthwhile. It's like crack. Sprinkle a little on anything and it'll taste better.

Friday night was a disaster...there are no pictures.
I tend to be able to gauge how fun/wasteycasey my night was if I end up with no pictures on my phone the next morning.

I'm not sure what exactly got in my system Friday night but on Saturday I actually made the decision to head to BK, aka Brooklyn, aka a whole new world of weirdness.

There was a free summer concert happening in Prospect Park and free equals fabulous after the crazyness that ensued on Friday evening.

There were tons and tons of Brooklynites dancing to Caribbean music.
It was awesome.

We fit right in...

I was actually pretty impressed with the BK scene. It was only the third time I had ever ventured out there because I tend to stick to my Manhattan routes.

But there were some pretty interesting buildings.

Like this one...the Brooklyn Museum. I felt like I was in Washington D.C. because we don't have big buildings here, we just have really effin' tall ones.

And this one...I decided to just take a quick flight over to Paris Saturday evening. No biggy. It was alright, nothing special, I came right back.

Sunday was filled with a whole lot of couch, The Vow, Say Yes to the Dress, Gypsy Weddings, and this...

What. The. Heck. Is. This?

I got out of the shower Sunday afternoon and found it on my leg. Apparently things got a little crazy in there and I decided to give myself a knee hickey. How does this even happen?



On a brighter note...Giuliana and Bill revealed the sex of their baby yesterday!

I have always loved these two (my future husband will be handed a training manual based on everything Bill does) and you must worship Satan if you aren't the slightest bit happy that they are finally getting their dreams of having a little Rancic fulfilled after all of their heartache.


I was for sure set on twins.
I was for sure wrong.

There's only one kid in there...and it's a BOY!
The Rancics are having a mini Bill!

They really wanted me to let everyone know that.