Weekend Recap

In picture form
 A short recap of my weekend at home/friend's wedding

I obviously hit up Target. I needed to pick up a prescription...then I found an entire basket worth of neon pink and coral...then my wallet was $100 less heavy.

I played with the puppy dogs. Another obvious.

Saw my bootyful friend become Mrs. Jacobsen

It's official!

Me and my dates Heather and Claire

This was my favorite part. Besides the open bar that is.

After the wedding I headed back home where Lil Broski was throwing a banger of a bonfire. Pretty sure there were more kids at my house than at the wedding.

Dutch ate his fair share of pong balls and might have gotten a little tipsay. That's my nephew!

It was a wonderful weekend and then of course I had to get back on the bus to head back to NYC.
And of course you know there's a story.
Erin was on a public bus...that goes hand in hand with nightmare.
Have you ever had a guy try to flirt with you for five (!) straight hours on a bus when all you want to do is shove your ear phones as far as they can possibly go into your ears and just sleep.
Ya, well I have. It happened last night.
He asked me every typical date question in the book.
Made me listen to his comedy station on Pandora.
Asked me to play thumb war.
(I declined)
Asked to read my palm.
(I played along for a second because I was curious but then he started touching my palm and I was like uhh no honey boo boo child, that ain't gonna fly)
More questions.
More flirting.
Dude went so far as to ask if he could rest his head on my shoulder to take a nap.
Dude went even farther to ask if he could crash on my couch if he ever visited the city.
I had never run off a bus so fast in my life (even after the diaper smelling one, the hippie cottage cheese one, and then one that took nine hours)
Then he decided it was necessary to wait for me to get my bag AND walk with me all the way out of the station and put me in a cab.
Just kill me.
It's going to be a long damn time before I get my hiney back on a bus.