Twofer Tuesday

One: A Manhattan Walk

Sometimes when I have an hour to kill before needing to be somewhere I will just take a long walk to my destination.
I could end up walking miles and never even know it.
That's because this city has so much to offer.
There's something new, something pretty, and something exciting around every new corner.
Like these wonderful things I stumbled upon yesterday.

An intuitive Gap Ad

I don't like these but they're pretty

Crazy architecture

The cheapest thing in Manhattan

Well isn't this just so fun

On this little walk I randomly had this proud feeling wash over me.
That's what this beautiful city does to you.
I love the mayhem.
I love the hustle.
I love the drive, the determination and the ability to dream forever.
I love Eli and the power of the Pinstripes.
I love being a part of the crazy rush hour crowds at 9am in my heels.
I love standing tall and remembering 911.
I love the unity, the pride, and the ability to call myself a New Yorker.
I truly do love this city.
And there's my sensitive moment for the day.


Two: MTV Movie Awards

Okay, I realize I'm a little late on this one, sue me.
But I'm a little ticked off about Twilight winning best movie AGAIN.
Don't get me wrong, I really did like the books...but the movies?!
You've gotta be joshin' me.
Don't get me wrong (again), I still watch them and will even go the theater by myself at 2 in the afternoon to see them if no one else will go with me (yeah that happened).
But holey heck they are the worst things ever made.
This is solely in part to Kristen Stewart.

If I could, I totally would.
There has never been a more awkward individual walk the planet, I am completely sure of this.
Okay okay I wouldn't punch her, I'm not one of the loons that goes off on people I've never met but, for real, she sucks.
And there's my annoying rant for the day.