These Are My Confessions

I confess that...

I'm a little bit more than happy (you can tell because my cheeks always get real pudgy) that my skin has a bit of a sun kissed glow going on over here.
Hallelujah praise the sunny skies above.

16 Handles is like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of frozen yogurt places.
Don't listen to Alissa and her hatred towards this place. She's a loon.
Just look at this heavenly cup of goodness. What's not to love?!

I get the biggest satisfaction out of popping a crisp fat grape between my teeth.
It's the oddest thing, I know but I crave the sensation.
The blueberry pales in comparison to the almighty grape.

I ate pizza!
And for any of you that actually know me you will understand why this is a huge accomplisment.
I don't like bread (or anything doughy to be precise) but this pizza is amazeballs.
A) Because it has the thinnest crust ever so it's more like a chip than a bed of doughy mushy floury gunk.
B) Because it's Spinach and Artichoke. Umm heaven, I could just die.

That my success with the whole bread eating thing stopped right there because this tasty pointless little bun at Five Guys came off my Little Burger point five seconds after snapping this crappy iPhone pic.
Oh and yes, I do dump all of my fries into the paper bag and rip the top part off for easier access.
That's what she said my friends.

That I found a nerd, yes the candy not the Geek squad employee, in my belly button earlier this week.
I discovered this little escapee about thirty minutes after I had finished the box.
If this isn't the definition of fat then I'm not sure what is...