These Are My Confessions

I am thoroughly convinced that leftover Chinese food tastes better than the fresh stuff.

It takes me a solid twenty minutes to pick out a new shade of Essie.

While using my umbrella in the traditional sense this week I decided it was better suited as a cigarette smoke blocker than a rain blocker.

I'm sad I won't be home for Father's Day but buying him Yanks tickets just might make up for it.

I'm facing a serious dilemma: Day drink at Frying Pan or go to the beach tomorrow? Tough decisions in life, I must say.

I still love Teen Mom. Maci is my favorite but I really question her zits sometimes. I feel like I'd do something about that if I was on National television?
Don't even get me started on Farrah's attitude or Amber's idiocy.

I went to yoga for the first time ever in life this week and it completely kicked my ass. I can't even sit down to pee my legs hurt so much.

I have an irrational fear of looking like a slorestitute at work. I ALWAYS think my dress is too short...even if it's to my knees.

Guys who use "whatever", excessive exclamation points, or winky faces in text messages need to, well, not.

I feel that making it through the week to get to Friday is a big enough accomplishment that we should get Friday off.

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