These Are My Confessions

I confess that...

I took the stairs instead of the elevator when doing laundry this week and the next day my legs were so unbelievably sore.
It was 14 flights of stairs total but come on who gets sore from walking up stairs?!
That'd be yours truly. The one that despises working out.

This conversation happened between me and my momma.

Yesterday I wore a maxi skirt.
Yesterday I tripped over it at least five times.

I look like a deranged hillbilly whenever I eat celery and peanut butter. There just simply isn't an attractive way about it.
Stay classy ya'll.

I just used the word ya'll for the first time ever in life even though I'm not the slightest bit southern.
All ya'll southerners make me jealous when ya'll say ya'll.

I was overly excited to open a brand new mascara yesterday. The tube starts out so fresh and so clean and by day four everything's a mess.
My OCD brain hates that.

I must have turned the shade of a strawberry after walking out of a meeting when my male boss said "You know I really wish that client would just be normal and stop flirting with you everytime he sees you."
Awkward turtle times seventy thousand at that precise moment.

My friends and I keep track of how many drinks we consume the old fashioned way.

I'm really excited to almost hit the 100 lovely followers mark.
I'm only one little lover away!
You know you've made it when you have 100 blog followers.

I'm contemplating hot-glueing my Sperry laces into a knot just so I won't look like an idiot on the street stopping every 0.5 seconds to tie them.