These Are My Confessions

On this lovely Friday I confess...

That I was so completely cranky and miserable from it being so hot and muggy on Tuesday that I bare-skinned it under my dress. Tis the only positive side of being a board.

That I feel bad for any man that has to walk his girlfriend's "punt pass and kick" little pup through the streets of Manhattan. But it's a sure fine way to attach a "He's taken, back off Barbie" sign to his forehead without actually doing so.

That I have been insanely stressed out about this whole needing to have a job portion of life because I have NO idea what I want to do or be. How do people figure this out so easily?

That I actually enjoy listening to One Direction. Yeah...One Direction, as in that new teeny bopper boy band. Go listen, your heart will smile too, I just know it.

That the only reason I put a case on my iPhone was because I shattered the back part to pieces and needed something to cover it up. Cases are bulky and I don't get along well with them. But this one is Kate Spade, has polka dots, AND is part pink. So I can deal, for now.

That the new Facebook app on my phone makes me want to scream because it sucks donkey dung. Zuckerberg runs off and gets married and all hell breaks loose in the Facebook world. Facebook is gross. Period. Periods are gross too.

That I actually rooted for the Celtics to win Game 7 last weekend just so all of Cape Cod would be happy and party hard. That is the first and last time I will ever be hoping for a Boston win.

That I've already looked up tickets for the Giants/Cowboys season opener. And then also cried about how expensive nose bleeds are going for.

That I will forever be baffled by chubby bellies in belly shirts. I feel bad for the bellies. I know they don't want to be out there in broad daylight. Unless they're at the beach of course, then they can flaunt all they want. But on the street in a rush hour commute? Heck to the no.

That I get ridiculously annoyed with my iPhone for auto correcting "Baller" to "Ballet". These two words could not be more opposite and I'm pretty sure I use the phrase "Look at you being a baller" many more times than "Look at you being a ballet". Argh. First world problems.

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