So when I reached 100 followers I told you I'd be doing a giveaway (I didn't lie, it'll be coming soon) but in the meantime I decided to have a little fun with some Q&A's.


You guys kind of blew it on this one I must admit.
I got plenty of love on the whole being popular and having 100 friends thing (thank you for that P.S.) but only four of you actually asked me questions.
Good thing one of the questions included four separate questions or this would've been a really lame post.

Without further adieu...the Q&A:

Coke or Pepsi
Neither, nada, zilch. I don't really like soda. The only time I ever drink it is...
A) When it's mixed with alcohol
B) If you consider gingerale soda on a morning after the mixed alcohol night
C) In a Root Beer Float

Summer of Fall
OH boy I don't even know if I can pick. Obviously I love summer - tan skin, dresses, cook-outs, outside happy hours - what is there not to love.
But fall captures my heart every time it comes around - cardigans and football and apple picking, oh my.

Salad or Cheeseburger
Cheeseburger. I couldn't even tell you the last time I ate a salad. They're so boring. Salad is like bread to me...its only purpose is to house all of the yummy goodness that you actually care to eat. Lettuce is stupid.

Pool or Ocean
Pool! I honestly don't really even like beaches that much. I'm not normal, I know this. I hate how sticky I get from the salt water and I despise when sand somehow finds its way into every crevice of my body. It makes me mental.
Plus pools are usually attached to houses which contain bathrooms which are essential for a girl that pees as often as I do.

What's your drink of choice?
Blue Moons. Frozen Strawberry Margaritas. White Sangria.
And when I'm not being a lush H2O all the way.
I really don't drink anything besides water and alcohol, ever.

What was the best day of your whole life?
Of course Shay would ask me something deep and thought provoking like this. Of course.
But let's see...I haven't gotten married or given birth (classic "best day ever" options) so this is tough.


Those dots signify the last five minutes I've sat here trying to come up with a day. There isn't just one. This is unanswerable. This makes my head hurt.

What is your favorite guacamole recipe to make yourself. Also, chunky or smooth guac?
I feel like this question deserves it's own recipe post. Guacamole is too near and dear to my heart for it to be smashed in a Q&A post.
But I like chunky guac...I really really don't like pureed mashed up baby food quac. GA-ross.