Pinterest Wants

It's hump day and that means it's time for more Pinteresting finds.

To be frank, Pinterest has been making me a little nuts lately.
There are too many stores telling me to "click here" for free stuff that I want.
Too many puppies I want to snuggle with.
Too many cute babies that I want but definitely don't want.
Too many pretty weddings that I want to plan.
Too many dresses for my closet to want.
Too many workouts that I do not want to ever have to do.
Too many gorgeous rooms that I want but have no space for in NYC.
Too many houses I want to own.
Too many hairstyles I want to learn how to do.
Too many things to want want want.
It's no good to keep wanting everything in life.
It's exhausting.
I already have so much.
I'm already grateful to have so much.
Lately, I've only been Pinning on Tuesdays right before this link-up.
But I still want.
'Tis life I suppose...

Here's what I want (are you sick of that word yet?) this week:

Source: via Allie on Pinterest