A Photo for Friday

So today in my confessional post I told you that I get a little angry at Apple for assuming I would use the word "ballet" more frequently than "baller".

(I honestly didn't even know "baller" wasn't a real word until I spell checked this) I guess I'm the dumb one and Apple is just trying to help me out of my gangsta rut.

Anywho, I was then reading Shannon's blog (secretly being jealous of her for going on what sounds like an amazing bachelorette weekend) and remembered I hadn't linked up for "Fun Photo Fridays" in a while.

For those of you out of the loop - it's where you post an old picture and reminisce a little about the good ol' days.

Page: Twenty-Two

So take ballet, fun, photo, and let's not forget the Friday part...put 'em all together and BAM, you get this:

About the photo:
It's circa Halloweener 2010
I was a "ballerina" even though I look more like a drunken fairy
I am not passed out wasted like my Grama assumed and yelled at me for
This is normal Erin
That curly black monster next to me is a wig from someone else's costume
I purchased this skirt for $1 in the kids section of H&M
I rolled around on the floor like this for a solid thirty minutes
It was fun and you should try it

Here is proof that the night started out a little more sane:

Cute see-through tank Erin. Wow.

I obviously whipped out some epic ballerina dance moves

And played with a puppy, typical

His name is Linguini and he is my roomie's puppy but then we changed apartments and he couldn't fit so now he is at home with roomie's parents and we miss him dearly. HUGE sad face.

And that right there is your Fun Photo Friday.
I hope you enjoyed the ride...
and were less naked for your own Halloween 2010.