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I walked around Bloomingdales for almost two hours last night and didn't purchase a single thing. I gave myself a big pat on the back for that one.

I don't hate the Kardashians like everyone else in this world (I actually LOVE Kourtney) but I found it extremely annoying that they were so freakin' excited about Oprah interviewing them. That was Oprah's entire life, she interviewed everyone, it wasn't some monumental occaions.

I found a stray Alphabit stuck in my office chair at work yesterday.

I ate the stray Alphabit that was stuck in my office chair at work yesterday.

This is the first weekend since before Memorial Day that I don't have to travel anywhere. Bliss.

The Lance Armstrong doping scandal makes me sad because even if it isn't true he will forever be tainted.

I woke up thinking it was Friday. I'm still having a difficult time trying to staple the fact that it's not into my thick skull.

We're still in the middle of The Bachelorette but I can't wait for Bachelor Pad 3 to start.
P.S. the cast was announced this morning and Tony (the one who CRIED because he missed his kid) is on it. This is just ludicrous! You CRIED (just had to emphasize that again) and thought you made a mistake leaving him but then you go and do another show?! Loser.

I just filled out my 401K forms and it scares the crapola out of me. I don't want to grow up yet.

I want Lebron to take home the title JUST so everyone will shut the heck up about his lack of rings. I can't take another joke about his 4th period woes or his ring less fingers.

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