It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

To have gone to the same roof top bar two nights in a row to meet two seperate friends for two seperate happy hours.
I don't hate it. I like roofs. And bars. And friends.

To have done my Pinterest workout every day so far this week.
You heard right, I said WORK OUT.
Who the heck on earth am I?
A girl with a birthday in less than a week, that's who.

That I am planning a wine tour/unlimited crab leg dinner for that very birthday next week.
Keepin' it classy, delicious, and drunk all in one.

That my skin is finally looking like my true Native American self rather than my other true Danish self.
My complexion really likes the teepee side opposed to the pastry side.
Just sayin'

That I'm trying to plan a double movie extravaganza this weekend at the theater by knocking off Magic Mike and Ted all in one foul swoop.
What the hell does "one foul swoop" mean P.S.?

I just looked it up.
It's not one foul swoop.
It may make more sense as one fowl swoop.
But it's really one FELL swoop.
I guess I'll stop using that phrase huh.