It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It was 100 degrees in New York City yesterday and will be again today.
I despise these days.
I know I shouldn't complain because I always complain about frigid winter days too but seriously guys I go all angry beaver when it's too hot to even breathe.

Because of said umpteen million degrees of torturous death I ran through the sprinklers in the park that are solely meant to water the grass.
They are not meant for bikini-clad humans.
Even the homeless men sitting on a bench near the sprinklers were judging me.
Totally fine.

Also because of the heat I tend to only eat fruit, popsicles, and water in the summer time. Eating grosses me out when I am sweating bullets.
And I ALWAYS love eating.

I just used up three "It's Okays" on the heat. A girl's gotta get some complaining in sometimes.
Sorry bloggy friends.

My Lil Broski is coming to visit this weekend and I am super excited. Except he's poor so he "doesn't want to go out".
Yeahhh right Lil Broski, you like your beers more than I do.
This really only means that if we do go out I will be buying the Lil Bishski beers.

And speaking of said beers... It's Okay that it's Thirsty Thursday. Thursdays have been replacing Fridays ever since Freshman year of college.
Mr. Thursday was all like "Dude, Mr. Friday, you take way too long to get here, move over 'cause I'm taking over this joint. The people NEED me."

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