It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Today it's okay that...
I'm hands down not a fashion blogger because this is what my OOTD pictures end up looking like:

(I promise I don't wear that damn J.Crew knock off every day but I seem to only ever post pictures of me on here in it)


The first thing out of my mouth this morning was "I'm so ready for happy hour." It was 8:15am. This is totally not a problem. Nope.

I texted my friend this...

I'm so behind on my TV shows that I seriously thought about sneakily watching them at work. I kid, I kid.
If only it was acceptable to watch Teresa Giudice's kids act like rabid hyenas instead of do real work. If only.

I could eat spicy sauce for days and on anything. Sushi just isn't as good anymore without it. It's crack I tell ya.

I'm going to Belmont Stakes this weekend yet couldn't tell you the first thing about horse racing. All I know is that there could be a potential Triple Crown if "I'll Have Another" wins again.
I'll have another too my friend, hit me up.

A) That I watched Monsters Inc. last night.
B) That I want to be Boo for Halloween after watching it.
C) That I'm thinking about Halloween in June.
Oh and please feel free to make fun of the twelve year old that I am for wanting to dress up as a two year old.