Giveaway Winner and Weekend Recap

So I sincerely apologize for not picking a winner for the giveaway last Friday.
But this happened Thursday night...
Apparently, I fell out of my bed in the middle of the night and had a little run in with the nightstand on the way to the floor.
So let's just say I wasn't feeling the greatest on Friday morning and leave it at that.
But I am announcing the winner NOW!
Plus you were already happy last Friday because, well, it was Friday.
So now that your miserable Monday blues have set in I hope to make one of you a little happier.
And the winner is...
Drum roll please

Jade at An Organized Mess

I did one of those random number generator things which hand picked #54 for me and she is the 54th comment on the list!

I would show you the random generator thingy just so you aren't suspicious but I already tried that (a few times) and it keeps deleting everything in my post after it, so I gave up, so you're just going to have to trust me.

On to the weekend...

The roomie and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning to head to Penn Station to take the LIRR out to Long Beach for the day.

I definitely got my tan on (and my white behind can prove it) but have zero pictures other than the DORITO TACO I ate from Taco Bell at 10:45am on our train ride there.

Stop judging, it was the most delicious form of cat food I've ever tasted.

It even came with a cardboard taco holder with a flap on one end that caught all of your suicidal lettuce and stray crumbs.

Okay now that I have made you want to lose your breakfast...on to Sunday.

Yesterday was Pride Day here in New York City. Which basically means that all of the LBGT community and any supporters come out and watch the parade.

My roomie has a "gay boyfriend" so we decided to accompany him to the colorful madness. There were rainbows, marching bands, half naked people, titty tassels, man thongs, floats, etc.

GAY O.K. for Pride Day!

Her "boyfriend" is obviously the one in the pink with the tiara, love him.

The parade down Fifth Ave.

This happened on just about every corner... get it gurrrl.

After my eyeballs were bleeding from the colorful mess of nakedness I posted up on the couch for some Real Housewives NJ style.

I won't give you a recap because Alissa will most surely be doing that for us in the most hilarious way possible.

But I just need to point out that I had my 21st birthday party at Hudson Terrace where Melissa had her song debut party.

Therefore I'm a baller.

On a serious note, though...

Why did the producers feel the need to keep taking camera shots of the crystal chandelier with the scrolling GORGA letters every two point five seconds?

And why is Joe Giudice the most idiotic human to ever walk the planet?

And why did Teresa think it was acceptable to marry the most idiotic human to ever walk the planet?

I just can't handle his "advice".
How does one not realize that it surely is not advice and he needs to be punched in the head.