Crochet: A Gross Word, A Great Trend

Lace came into the fashion world with a vengeance in these passed few seasons. She graced just about every piece of clothing she laid eyes on, flaunted herself all over Pinterest, and just about near stole my heart.

 But then her sweet little sister Crochet got jealous and had to tag along.
Not as friendly of a name as Lace but she can still be my friend. She might even become a better friend than her older sister because she can withstand a little more wear and tear.

You can actually put her through the wash on accident and not fear for her life while you watch her spin around in circles in the washing machine like you have to with poor little Lace.

You see, clothing labels, yeah I don't really follow those. Everything goes into Mr. Washer and just about everything follows along to Mr. Dryer.
If I stumble across a piece of a crazier material than say a cotton, then I may possibly read the tag to check if it can't be thrown in.

And if that sucker is written in Chinese, German, Hungarian, or any other whodywhaty language then I just give up searching for the USA symbols and throw it in anyway.

OH - and if I find a "Dry Clean Only" symbol? Well you just don't want to know what happens then. Well yeah of course you do. That little piece of clothing goes straight back on the hanger and into my closet to be worn again.

GROSS. I know. But come on, I don't do too many grody things in my clothes during the day to have to pay however many dolla dolla bills to wash it every single time.

Judge me, it's fine, I'll still like you.

Oh but back to Crotchette. I like it a lot. You can tell by that Instagram picture way up there before my rant about clothes washing began.
It allows you to show a peep of skin without looking like a trampoline, it adds a touch of pizazz to an overall boring top and it just plain old excites me.

Here are some other lovely Crochet finds I've been eyeballing lately:



Do you ladies like the Croch-ette trend or are you sticking to Lacey?

Better question: Did you even know there was a difference?