Childhood Television

So I come from the generation that was blessed with the best television shows EVER made.
Just try to disagree with me, I dare ya.
The shows these days don't come close to what I used to watch.
The Wiggles and iCarly? Yeah, not going to cut it. Why must everyone sing?

Here is a very, very, VERY long list of all the shows I remember from growing up:

The Absolute Favorites:

Rugrats - my all time fave

Full House - a close second but I hated the sentimental parts when the music would cue at the end. See even as a youngin' I hated the sap.

The Fresh Prince - who didn't like this

Doug - I may name my future dog Porkchop

Double Dare - the best game show of all time

Rocket Power - made me want to be a Cali girl

Saved by The Bell - Zack Morris was my boyfriend

Boy Meets World - Mr. Feeeeeeeeny

The Second Bests:

Clarissa Explains It All

7th Heaven - loved...but again with the sap

Figure It Out - I always guessed right

Hey Arnold - the Helga shrine episode was genius

Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Kenan & Kel - I drank my fair share of Orange Soda during this

Guts - was AWESOME

The Ones My Brother Made Me Watch:

Rocko's Modern Life

Dexter's Lab - the sister made me want to shoot myself

Cat Dog

The Powerpuff Girls - there wasn't a brunette, I'm still mad about it

The Angry Beavers

The Worst:

All That - stupid humor, never laughed

The Amanda Show - I stick her in the Kristen Stewart punching bag category

Ahh! Real Monsters - never understood this one

Pinky and The Brain

 Are You Afraid of the Dark - uhh yeah I was

The Ones My Mom Banned:

Ren and Stimpy - for obvious reasons

Barney - because she was cool and he was not