The Bachelorette

Episode #6


Date with Travis:
When Emily tells you to take your shirt off you just do it bro, come on.
His accent annoyed me.
How can you wait two TWO (!) years to date someone.
EMILY NEVER EATS. Why? It makes me crazy. These poor guys must want to devour their meals but she just sits there.  I mean I guess she watched Ally’s season and saw her blow up. And Ryan might've peaced out on her if she actually decided to eat and get fat but still, EAT woman!
Group Date:
I can’t wait to see Brave. I fall head over heels in love with any and every Pixar movie. That company is just pure genius. And that’s about all I have to say about the group date.
Why would you ever want to see men in skirts? I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fall in love with any man looking like that. The stripping scene before they all got into the skirts…yeah that was more like it. We haven’t seen too many nekked bodies this season and I am super bummed about it. Except not bummed, because we haven’t seen any of those either. Lame sauce.
Emily makes me die. Who knew the chick had humor under that pretty smile. All of her interview comments crack me up. “I’m not gonna lie, Sean looked friggin’ hot.” Uhh yeah he did girl, I’m right there with ya. Sean for the win.
Chris blew it. He for real sucked at those games. Freakin’ Emily could even hit the hay bale with the arrow. Turn off. But good thing Emily isn’t as harsh as I am and gave him “The Bravest” award.
Cue the “awww” moment right there but for real I wouldn’t enjoy winning that award. That’s like when you get last place at field day but still get to walk home with a green ribbon saying “Participant” on it. Yeah I got my fair share of those back in the day. Those aren’t fun, I’m not sure why he was so excited about it.
Oh and UMM HELLO to that Arie street kiss. Hot damn man, +1,000 points for that.
“You give me the type of feeling that people write novels about.” –One F Jef. Oh Jef you really have come a long long way haven’t you.
But after the street kiss and that awesome line how the heck did the “Participant” get the rose. I get the attraction *obviously* but I just don’t see the connection between those two like I see with Arie or Jef.
Date with Ryan
The date hadn't even started and I already wanted to shoot myself. I LOVED that all of the guys burst out laughing as soon as they left the room.

The trophy wife comment. Remember my whole post on that topic. Well if any guy ever said it to me like Ryan did to Emily I'd probably hit him. If trophy wives don't talk back I'm pretty sure you'd have to kill me before I became one of them.

And I wanted to kill Ryan through the whole dinner date while she was trying to send him home. I'm pretty sure I've never seen someone fight that hard to change the decision on this show. He was hardcore trying to sell himself just like all of the guys say.

I think he was just pissed because he knows no one becomes the next Bachelor after leaving that early on in the "game". Even after he realized he was actually kicked to the curb in the cab he was still trying to make sure the producers cut his footage to portray him in the best light.

And boy did the producers do just that. I would love to see his reaction to watching himself look like an arrogant asshole this entire time.

Props to Emily for seeing through it all.

Arie's Sneak Out

Solid move with that one. Nothing better than showing a girl that you're actually listening to her and care to do the things she wants from you.

But you LOVE her already? Really. Come on. It's only week six, you wouldn't marry her tomorrow.

Rose Ceremony

She hit the nail on the head with thinking John and Doug were the ones to go.

And I figured it would be John just because he's never even peeped a word on this show but then Croc wearing crying Doug BLEW IT and I figured it would be him.

I cannot even begin to describe how awkward I felt during their conversation. There's really nothing awful you can say about the guy because he does seem like a genuinely good-hearted man, but come on dude, get with it.

But then she completely threw us for a loop and didn't send anyone home. Bummer. She definitely should have just sent both packing.

Next Week

You know I really try to avoid that Reality Steve guy's website and any tabloid magazines concerning this show just because I don't want the end ruined but how the HECK could I have missed out on this Arie producer relationship drama.

Chris was basically like "And now you'll finally see it play out" like I should have already known this awesome little nugget of reality tv info.

Umm no, I did not know Chris, but I can't wait.