Hey youuuuuuu guysssss.
(spoken in true Goonies fashion)

I have arrived ladies and gents.
I have officially hit the 100 followers mark!


You really must be so thrilled for me.
So thrilled.

I'm going to go all humble Harry over here and

A) say that I love each and every one of you for actually giving a crap about the things that I write on here. You all really do brighten my days and you have made this blogging experience so much fun for me.

and B) say that I totally didn't expect this to happen so soon or I would have had a giveaway planned out for this very post.
But I'm a slacker and also have no idea what I want to give to one of you lucky little lads so you're going to have to let me ponder it a bit.

But I pinky swear promise that a giveaway filled with lots of fancy things will be debuting shortly, so stay tuned my friends!

In the mean time I thought it may or may not (probably the latter) be fun to do a little Q&A type thing.

(This is where I am not humble Harry and assume all 100 of you want to know something about my fine little self)

Kidding totally kidding. And I digress...

Do you want to know what type of milk I drink? I hope not because I only drink it in cereal. 2% please.
Or if I've ever fractured my wrist from falling off a couch? I have, and it's embarrassing.
Or maybe you're just really curious to know if my index toe is longer than my big toe? It is not.
And I'm sure you want to know whether I'm team HP or Twilight, am I right? Harry Potter for life P.S.

It's okay to ask more serious questions than those but I can't promise I won't plead the fifth if you get too dark and scary.

Oh and if you're not dying to know something about me then just humor me and tell me something about yourself so I can laugh at you.

Ready, set, ask away!