100 Followers Giveaway!

The Loot:

Bath and Body Works "White Sand" Candle
Because it's summer time, everyone loves a white sandy beach, and you may need a little romantic candle to light up your life (no pun intended).

Essie "Off the Shoulder" Nail Polish
Because I love pink (I mean it's in my blog title, let's get real), it's my favorite of the new Summer 2012 collection, and Essie > OPI.

Sour Patch Watermelons
Because they are THE BOMB DOT COM, I too am a little sour at first but then turn sweet, and gummies should just rule the world already - deelish.

John Frieda Heat Defeat Styling Spray
Because it's my favorite product right now, it actually works, and everyone's mane needs a little de-frizzle help in the humid hell of summer.

Crayola Crayon Shaped Freez'r Pops
Umm because they're aweseome, I can't mail you actual popsicles, and you'll get to act like a child for a brief moment of fun.

Orbit Sweet Mint Gum
Because it's my go-to gum, I want to be the Orbit commercial girl when I grow up, and nobody likes stinky breath.

A Pretty Scarf
I know it's summer but I have faith that you can hold onto it until fall. I'd wear one every day if there was no such thing as summer.


1. Follow me
(so I can see who's stalking my life)

2. Leave a comment
(I prefer jokes and fabulous compliments)

3. Tell all of your friends to come play along
(or don't because that lessons your chances of winning)

4. Buy a plane ticket to NYC in order to pick up your package
(so I don't have to mail it to you) (pack Blue Moons too I like those)

5. Cross your fingers and toes and wish upon lots of stars
(because that'll surely help your chances)

6. Pretty much ignore everything I just said besides "Follw me" and "Leave a comment". 
(or else there's no way for me to know you want to win of course)

Good luck ladies!
May the odds be ever in your favor :)