Weekend Recap

Cape Cod

After visiting this wonderful place for the first time ever...I can honestly say it's one of the most calm, relaxing, cute, and delicious places on the east coast.

After sitting on a bus for 8+ hours from Manhattan to Hyannis, MA and back again yesterday...I can honestly say that I will never ever ever travel there again on a holiday weekend. That is unless I have a helicopter. Dream on Erin.

But for real, it was an experience even before we reached our pretty destination.
One hippie chick whipped out a thing of cottage cheese 4 hours into the bus journey. Doesn't that nasty stuff need to be refrigerated? I wanted to die right then and there.
To make things worse we had to transfer buses 3 (!) times throughout the trip there. One of them smelled so bad I almost passed out. Imagine a geriatric patient's diaper, okay now shove that sh*t (literally) up your nostrils. You'll get the smell of that bus ride.

Thank goodness this heavenly piece of Earth was waiting for us at the end of the trip...
 (This was taken at The Beachcomber in Walfleet)

 We stayed at my roommate's families Inn in Brewster, MA. It was so cozy and beachy, just what I imagined.

But what we really needed after the nine hour journey from H-E-double hockey sticks were these.

Which led to some really strange encounters along the way...

Then there was the fool who tried to hit on me by asking me to play Duck Hunter.
A: What exactly is "Duck Hunter"?
B: You obviously know I played.
True class right there ladies.

The next morning we walked way out on the bay near the Inn. I never knew that the tide went out so far, or that they grew oyster/muscles/clams (whatever these are) in cages for years on end. 

I thought they were pretty darn cool though. I got my science lesson in for the day from a local muscle/oyster/clam grower. 

I think this little bugger was dead :(

One day I WILL have a beach cottage with a sail boat sign saying "GO EASY". I will. I know it, I will.

PURPLE COW ICE CREAM = amaze balls. I craved this every single day.
Black raspberry ice cream, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chunks.

This wasn't the best idea for a morning snack since this little lady was heading to the beach for the day and Purple Cow only leads to looking like a cow.
Oh well, it was so worth it.

An example of how far the tide was out in the morning...

To how far it came in by the afternoon!

That evening my roomie's Aunt and Uncle made us a scrumptious BBQ style dinner. It was served on a little fishy plate and it was perfect.
P.S. I definitely took that roll off and used my fork and knife to cut my burger.
Judge away my dear friends.

On Sunday we headed to Provincetown, AKA Ptown, AKA the gay capital of the East Coast. It was so much fun!

There were tons of shops.

Tons of sweets and food.

Tons of colorful and quirky things.

Obviously a lot of nautical inspired touches.

And more ice cream out on a whale on the pier.

After Ptown we ate dinner here. The Lobster Claw. Nom.

All classy dining etiquette went out the window here as well. But holy guacamole was that sucker good (as soon as I got over his creepy eyeballs staring back at me).

After dinner we went to play Putt Putt at Pirate's Cove Mini Golf. In true Erin Elizabeth fashion I picked out a pink putter and a mint green ball.

The next morning we had to say bye bye to the boats and head back on the bus for ANOTHER miserable 9 hour trip to NYC.

Take me back NOW.
This fake Monday called Tuesday isn't fooling anyone.