Weekend Recap

In picture dump form:

I trucked it over to Newark, NJ Saturday morning for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals between the NY Rangers and NJ Devils.

My friend works in sales at the Prudential Center so he ended up getting us tickets in a suite.

I ate my fair share of popcorn (two baskets full) and attempted to learn a bit more about hockey. The popcorn was more successful than the hockey part.

The original plan for Saturday afternoon was to head to the Frying Pan, but apparently everyone else in Manhattan had the same idea so it was too packed to go. Therefore, you will still need to hear about my dire need to go until I actually make it happen. Sorry friends.

So instead of waiting an hour in line to get on the boat we headed to The 13th Step. On Saturdays the entire bar is half-priced until 8pm, then once it hits 8:01 it becomes DOLLAR beers for an hour. Hence why these freaks below have about 16 beers lined up.

Sunday was spent at Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. There were SO many people...if a terrorist wants to drop a bomb on a crap load of people this place would probably be a good option. Sorry for the morbid thoughts, it's Monday and it's currently down pouring and gloomy outside.

Okay back to happier thoughts: There was a sky writing proposal!
It said "Christine Hall Will U Marry Me".
I hope Christine Hall is an engaged woman because everyone in the park was clapping and cheering.

When the sun finally set we walked through Columbus Circle...

 To get to Mother Burger...where I had the best hamburger with the best mystery special sauce ever (second of course to Ed's Special Sauce from Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order) along with a Pink Lemonade Bull Dog. It was a perfect ending to the weekend.

And now I officially want to run away from my office and go snuggle in bed with a movie because it's absolutely gross out in Manhattan right now. If Monday was a person it would be Hitler. Promise.