Weekend Recap

Is it really Monday already?

I feel like the routine of waking up, actually finding the energy to get my butt out of bed, showering, getting dressed, drying my hair, packing a lunch, and walking to work seriously requires enough effort to be able to call it a day as soon as I sit down at my desk.

But besides currently looking and feeling like this...

...I had an amazing weekend with my Mom and Grama.

They arrived around 10:00pm on Friday night after a six hour drive and we headed straight to the bar for a "stiff drink" as my Grama calls it. Two glasses of Chardonnay down and Gram was singing along to "We will we will rock you", giving me a little shove every time the "Rock you" part came on. She also was tripping down the sidewalk on the way home and accidentally knocked a glass frame off my windowsill which shattered on the floor. I guess that's one thing I can look forward to about growing old: getting "sloshed" after two glasses of wine.

On Saturday we were up bright and early for a day of walking around and shopping. We headed to Macy's and some other stores around Herald Square then walked up to Central Park. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which meant that everyone and their mothers (no pun intended) were out walking around the park.

OH! P.S. Do you see that awesome little necklace around my neck?! My $14.99 knock-off J.Crew bib necklace finally arrived this weekend. I love it and will probably wear it with just about everything.


We got a late lunch and headed home to watch the Yankees game and rest after walking about 15 miles around the city. Afterwards we headed to a Mexican restaurant a couple blocks from my apartment and got margaritas. Yum. The guacamole sucked though. Epic fail. If my guac tastes better than your restaurant's, then Houston has a big problem. So you all know how upset I was after abandoning a full bowl of guac...

Which meant that we need to go do something fun, so we headed back towards 34th street to go up the Empire State Building. I had never been inside the ESB so I was pretty excited. After man handling the crowd of eleventy thousand tourists we finally got up to the 86th floor.

It was absolutely breath taking and definitely worth hearing foreigners screaming who knows what behind you in line for 45 minutes.

You can see just about everything up there (even my apartment building) and I'm so glad we did it at night, I highly recommend it!

Sunday morning was spent getting brunch at a local diner before they headed home. This left me the rest of an absolutely gorgeous day to go get a much needed mani/pedi.

Essie - Pansy, which basically translates to Barbie Pink

As I sat in the vibrating massage chair (which made every single ounce of flub on my body jiggle like jello) I watched girls walk in and head straight for either the Essie section or OPI section of polishes. I, myself, am I devoted Essie girl and up until yesterday afternoon I thought most girls were. But after doing my fair share of stalking it seemed like there's a pretty solid mix between the two.

 I feel like a simple nail polish brand choice must say something about our personalities...but what? This should be a quiz for Seventeen magazine or something.

Are you an Essie or an OPI girl?