Weekend Recap

So my weekend was a lot more exciting than my lame collection of iPhone pictures displays but I guess that's what always happens when you're having fun. 

I stayed in Friday night and watched Ratatouille (seriously such a feel good, happiness is everything type of movie) in preparation for Cinco de Mayo.

Saturday started off with a Rangers loss, so that gave even more reason to head to the Mexican bar two blocks from our apt to drink one of these: 

aka a 42 oz margarita in a bucket plus a corona plus two huge straws plus a shovel. Yum!

We then headed over to the west side for a roof top party, beer games, and corn hole. The views of the city from 40 floors up is pretty breath taking. Too bad I'm awful at that whole camera woman thing or I could show you...

I did make it downstairs in time to see the derby. In the moment I found it pretty comical that a Mexican sounding jockey won with a horse named "I'll Have Another" on Cinco de Mayo. I still find this rather amusing.

I FINALLY got my guacamole around 8:00pm at Rio Grande and I seriously inhaled the entire mortar of it. I could eat that stuff for breakfast. Now that I say that, this vanilla yogurt in front of me isn't really cutting it. There was a crew of about 10 of us there and we sat out on the deck playing shoulders. We were easily the most obnoxious crew at the restaurant because no one can seem to count to 21 after a day of margs. 

It got even more obnoxious when the bill was paid like this: whoops.

I ended the night at my friend's birthday party somewhere down in the village. How I made it out alive until 3:00am is beyond me. Superwoman powers.

Sunday was a day filled with absolutely nothing but watching sports and crappy amazing T.V. and it was exactly what my Seis de Mayo needed. 

The Knicks didn't get swept which was shocking
My boyfriend, Robinson Cano hit a grand slam in Kansas City, god I love him
Once Upon a Time finally got the show on the road with its storyline
Desperate Housewives makes me want to cry every time Tom and Lynette aren't together
The Real Housewives of New Jersey makes me want to punch Teresa and kiss Melissa
GCB didn't get any love because I figured seven straight hours of television was enough for one day

Oh and somewhere in my weekend journey I found these:

Umm WTH are those?! I'm pretty sure I have a few under my kitchen sink for cleaning purposes. Why exactly would one want to eat a desert in the shape of a sponge? 

Also, why do I forget to take pictures of important things like me and friends having a blast on a roof top but could never pass up an opportunity to take shots of desert sponges?