Twofer Tuesday

One: Outfit Of The Day

Snapped a quick picture outside the elevator this morning so try not to judge the disgusting strawberry infused carpet too harshly.

The hallways of my apartment building are obviously still stuck in 1978. My eyeballs are also still stuck in puffy allergy mode so I chopped my head off in order to spare your own eyeballs.

Top: LOFT, Vest: New York & Company, Leopard Flats: Targay, Bag: Longchamp

Two: Root Beer Floating on Cloud Nine

Last night I decided to make a root beer float for the first time in probably a decade. I'm only two decades old so I should probably come up with another word there. Nope, too lazy.

Anyway, I searched and searched the bin of flavors for a plain old tub of vanilla. After five minutes of being head down, ass up in the freezer with ten numb digits I gave up on my idea of a classic float and settled for "Vanilla Swiss Almond". (Wth is a Swiss Almond?)

Also, who doesn't have plain vanilla ice cream!? I'm still floored by this concept.

Thank the ice cream gods above that my delicious treat wasn't ruined by the previous grocery store debacle. In fact it might have turned out even better than imagined.

It went a little something like this:



I guarantee I looked just as happy/fat/frightening as the little nugget above.

Moral of the story:
If you ever have a bad day go get yourself a root beer float.

Even if your day gets worse in the process of getting the crap to make the root beer float...

the root beer float will still taste magical.

And all will be right in the world again.