Treat Your Tastebuds

Chicken Wing Dip

1. I'm no Betty Crocker and you will see that I definitely don't know my baking terms/proper cooking lingo so hopefully you can follow along and not die of salmonella.

2. Also please ignore the fact that I ask you to use shredded cheddar cheese while my picture clearly shows Mexican Blend (I was lazy and it was raining, deal with it).

3. Thirdly, you should all know by now that I don't understand photography and have no idea what DSLR even means so my pictures are of poor iPhone quality.
What exactly you will need:
9" by 9" pan
1/2 lb of boneless chicken breast
1/4 cup of hot sauce
An 8 oz package of cream cheese
1/4 cup of blue cheese
Shredded cheddar cheese
Tortilla chips
Oh and a stove/oven (duh)

Now I know you can't read that chicken label...but it says 1.16 lb for $8.73. This is just your plain old average bird, no organic goodness, no pieces already chopped up nicely for you, nothing.
If you would like to humor my empty NYC wallet then let's play a little game of "Let Erin know how much you pay on average for your chicken breasts".
Disclaimer: I can't promise I won't throw up on you if you say yours costs half of what mine does.

What to do with all that jazzy goodness up there:
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Cut up the chicken into small chunks (I personally don't like chomping on huge mouthfuls of meat so I cut it up pretty small)

Pour the hot sauce into a frying pan (use less if you're a wimp and don't like spiciness)

Add chicken pieces, sautee those puppies until thoroughly cooked

Gradually stir blue cheese into the same sauce pan

Soften cream cheese and slowly add chunks into the pan until everything is evenly mixed

You should end up with creamy orange deliciousness (I promise it's orange IRL)
Stupid iPhone

Turn off the stove so you don't die

Pour delicious mixture into your 9" by 9" pan and spread

(Try to avoid getting your tootsies in the picture with your food)

Sprinkle enough shredded cheddar cheese on top to make your heart happy

Place the pan into the oven

Check on your cooking baby frequently
Remove it from the oven when it starts to bubble
Let it chill for a second or two so you don't mutilate your taste buds

Dip, chew, smile, swallow, repeat until the pan is clean
Lick the pan just to make sure it's clean

(Just kidding about that last one)


Note to self:
Remember to take a picture of the finished product before turning into an animal and devouring it. Whoops.