These Are My Confessions

I confess that I'm kinda sorta really getting sick of celebrities kicking the can.

I mean, don't get me wrong it's definitely sad and I'm not trying to downplay any of their amazing accomplishments or contributions to the world but the publicity and news coverage around their deaths makes me crazy.

Seriously, one dies and a week later we have to have a Glee episode tribute for them.

There are so many more people out there dying in the world that deserve our attention (IE. every soldier being escorted home from Afghanistan in a flag covered coffin) yet no one ever hears a thing about them.

Now obviously there's no way to make the media care more about this than the latest "Legend" dying but hey at least I have Confessional Friday to rant about it right?

I confess that my clogged up nose sounds so utterly disgusting that I carried my over-sized box of tissues out into the hallway of our office just so I could blow all the gunk out without making my coworkers want to punch me. It took a solid 5 minutes of honking before I could breathe freely again.


Sorry 'bout it.

I confess that I am more thrilled than ever for this weekend to arrive because I am finally going to the Frying Pan tomorrow! I mentioned it in this post forever ago but I'm just now getting around to going. Bring on 78 degree sunshine, boat shoes, and buckets of beer.

I confess that I packed chopped onions, a couple spoon fulls of salsa, minced garlic, a hint of lime juice, and a dash of pepper (do you see where this is going?) into a Tupperware container to bring to work just so that I could make fresh guac for lunch yesterday.

This little trick saves your taste buds from having to choke down that awful layer of brown gunk that forms when guacamole sits out too long. All the goodness is ready in the Tupperwear and then you just have to scoop out the avocado and mush it all together.

I'm seriously going to turn into an avocado...

P.S. how completely sick are you of hearing about my guac stories?

I confess that I thoroughly enjoy the smell of Expo dry erase markers. So much that I will erase what needs to be written just so that I can re-write it again to smell the smell.

WTF is wrong with me?

I confess that my tummy is shouting expletives at me so I really have no time or desire to proofread this post. So don't judge me if you stumble upon a word that is way out of context.

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