Take Me There Tuesday

Junior Prom - 2006

 For this week's Take Me There link up I'm feeling the itch to get all dolled up and head to a fancy event. One that calls for black tie attire and a plate of lobster, because what's better than having a pampered spa day before some huge event, right?

I'm pretty certain that this is the only reason I want to get married as well. Not for the whole husband thing, just for the make up / dressing up all pretty / and eating darn good food thing.

Any who, since I don't have any said event to attend and since I'm also jealous of everyone going to Prom recently, why not wish to be taken back in time to do it all over again?

My absolute favorite part about the entire day was the preparation. Getting hair/nails/make-up done, finally putting on the dress, taking pictures, laughing with friends at my house. Coincidentally those are about the only pictures I have from the day.

Here are a few:

Not smiling with teeth since I had braces - this is a recurring theme

Stopped to smell the flowers

And run through my yard

My lovely Grampa

Notice me pulling up my dress? Side note on that to come

The entire crew all together 

Me and my date at the local falls

I say that everything leading up to prom was the best part of the day because I ended up crying at the actual event.

So here's the side note:

You see, being the twelve year old that I am means that this lady doesn't have much junk in the upper trunk. Seriously, flat as a board people.

Which in turn means that a dress full of tulle weighing 10 pounds doesn't have anything to hold itself up.

Which then means that the only way to keep it up was to tighten the lace up back as TIGHT as it could possibly go.

Which brings us to me not being able to take in full breaths for a solid ten hours and almost passing out.

Which obviously called for tears in the bathroom since I'm also emotionally twelve years old.

Where do you want to be taken to?
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