Monday Montage

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Lately I've been fascinated with framed mirrors, especially bright colored ones, and even more especially - super duper large ones.

The fascination isn't totally aesthetic since I really do need one to actually utilize. You see, I don't have a single mirror in my apartment besides those that came in both of the bathrooms. 

I lied. There is one in my room but it's for decor purposes only and I have to jump three feet in the air in order to get a good view, so I don't count it as a real mirror.

This gets pretty darn tricky in the morning when getting dressed, since I really can't see anything going on below my belly button. That is unless I put the toilet seat down and climb up on top of it (which I do regularly) to get a good view of my ass to check for underlines. Underwear lines. No one likes 'em. Not even when running errands in the grocery store. I swear, it's true.

 Please, please, please check for underlines before leaving your humble, or not humble, abode. Or don't and make me cringe at you with no remorse. That works too :)

Anyway, I need a mirror. Because let's face it ladies, we are not always the fairest of them all and this just isn't going to cut it.

Check out some of my latest obsessions that not only will get the job done, but will look freaking fabulous while doing it

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Gorgeous huh? Now go check for underlines.