Monday Montage

Scalloped Edges

Lately I've been seeing this trend everywhere except IRL. (That was the first time I've used that abbreviation, I need a moment.) 

Okay thanks.

But seriously, these have been all over the Pinterest world and I have yet to see anyone on the streets wearing them. This makes me sad because I really do think they are a fun and unexpected touch to your average pair of shorts. I haven't really even seen these in stores but then again I haven't actually gone on a treasure hunt to find them.

I think that will be my mission this week: find scallops before the trend is over faster than you can pop one in your mouth and swallow. 

Even though I haven't tried any on, I think I'd prefer a shallower cut with fewer scallops. If the curve is too deep and there are too many it starts to look like a third grader's art project. 

Here are several cute finds from where other than Pinterest.