A Moment of Sapness

I'm not an emotional person.
I rarely cry, I rarely get deep, I rarely profess my love for anything other than puppies and food.
It's just not me. I don't do that sort of thing.

I'm the friend you would come to for straight up advice - not a sugar coated cookie.
I'm the girl you would only date if you have thick skin because I will walk all over you if you easily turn to mush.

I'm really just bad at that whole sentimental girly side of life.
Unless I'm drinking wine...then all hell breaks loose and it'll take you nothing short of a muzzle to get me to shut up.

But this whole "I may or may not be a dude deep down" act has somewhat changed since being introduced to Bloggerville and all of the beauty it holds.

Blogging was what I needed to form a little crack in my Grinch heart?

The other day I caught myself thinking about blogging and how much excitement and satisfaction it has given me.
It's crazy to think that I have been missing out on this "community" of amazing ladies up until a couple months ago.

In the beginning it was just a place to waste time drooling over your outfits or your awesome adventures in places I've never been.
But lately it has turned into so much more than that and I'm still only in the infant stages of blogging. The support, advice, compliments, and just straight up happy stalking from complete strangers is truly awesome.

I find myself actually feeling like I'm in some sort of way connected to all of you.
And it's weird to think that I'm not actually friends with some of you IRL.
This is just blog land and I've only been here for roughly 2.5 months.
How could this be?

But it's true, I actually do find myself thinking about how so and so's marathon race went last weekend, or if so and so had her baby yet, or if so and so actually ended up purchasing that pretty coral dress she'd been eyeing, etc.

Am I a loony toon or is this just what blogging does to you?


There are some specific lovely ladies that have stuck out to me and have truly made for the reason I type "blogger.com" into Google first each morning.

They all capture my attention for completely different reasons but I always find myself getting excited whenever posts pop up in my feed from them.

I'm not cool enough to have sponsors or be a sponsor or whatever the cool bloggers do but I thought I'd share some of my favorite people with you all just so you could be introduced to some amazingness.

Here are some lovelies who are pretty damn lovely. In no particular order other than where I found them on my blogger timeline...

::The Management::

Because she's hilarious and can turn a simple trip to the grocery store into something that will give my abs a laugh-attack workout, she loves Disney movies, and also makes fun of her boyfriend in the most adorable way ever.

Because I've "known" her for maybe a mere two weeks yet she has still so easily captivated me by her beautiful writing, insanely humorous sarcasm, and complete and utter randomness. Her story will seriously move you. Oh and she loves Harry Potter - instant awesomeness.

Because she tends to have the same style of blogging as I do, we have a lot in common, she showed me where to find the knockoff J.Crew bubble necklace on eBay for 15 bucks, she's going through the same post-college transition as I am and she's just fun.

Because she shares the same name as me (Erin Elizabeth), she is HIGHlarious when talking about anything from homeless people to her huge and silly doggy, she doesn't care if she offends you with her opinions, and she's basically the slightly older version of myself. A must follow.

Because I'm absolutely sure that we'd be friends in real life, she's gorgeous and puts together the cutest outfits, and she's simply just a straight-up normal and down to earth chick. Trust me those are hard to come by.

Because she's my style twin, she has the prettiest blog profile picture ever, and all of her wedding planning gives me wedding fever. That's a bad thing but she's still wonderful.


Thank you to these beauties (as well as everyone else I follow) for making Blogging such an exciting, rewarding, fun, and laughable experience for me.

Being a part of this little virtual community is fantabulous and I'm glad I have been learning so much from all of you as well as giggling at you along the way!