It's Okay

Its Ok Thursdays

Today it's totally completely 100% okay that...

I thought long and hard about calling into work because it is the epitome of a perfect beach day here in NYC and I'd much rather be there than at my desk.

I feel like a real live adult because I will be attending the first wedding I have ever been invited to as just a friend instead of as relative with the rest of my family.

Some old man "accidentally" gleeked on me yesterday and had the nerve to blame it on the AC unit up above. I wiped his gleek all over his storefront sign. You betcha I did it.

I CAN NOT stop eating Alphabits. I may need help. Help me!

I make a sad/mad face every time I go to comment on one of your blogs and see that I have to enter a code in order to not be considered a robot. Boo to that nonsense.

I see how far off I can be when entering those gosh darn codes to still be considered human. Those pesky things have been getting pretty strict lately, I must say. They are even using pictures of numbers now instead of just numbers. Yikes!

I want a margarita. Like right now. I frozen strawberry one. Thank you.

I compared this one girl I don't particularly care for to Bellatrix Lestrange today. Oops. If you don't know who that is then I feel bad for you. Google it. Team Harry Potter for life.

My signature move at bars is to wrap napkins around my beers because they make my hand too cold. I'm a puss and I'm not ashamed to admit it.