It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I would rather be a grease-baller than have to shower because I despise blow drying my hair. Seriously, I'd be an actual baller if I found a way to "cure" the pain of chicks having to spend 15+ minutes sweating to death while drying their locks. 

It's okay that I laugh at all my co-workers who are going ape sh*t crazy because the caffeinated K-cups ran out in the office. Two points for the evil non-coffee drinker that is myself.

It's okay that I haven't been home to do anything other than sleep since last Thursday. I'm a busy little bee and I like it that way.

It's okay that I just picked out every single raisin from my Pineapple Fried Rice like a true two year old that would die if one were to enter my mouth. P.S. how can grapes be SO DARN GOOD yet bare such awful offspring. Raisins can go die. Eww

It's okay that my Mom still brings me groceries whenever she comes to visit me. Free food is great food.

It's okay that I've thought it was Friday since, oh, about Tuesday.

It's okay that I want to ramble rant about this whole North Carolina vote/Obama Gay Marriage statement but will refrain since that politics crap is boring.

It's okay that I would give anything to get all of the Rugrats episodes on DVD. Tommy Pickles rocked my whole world when I was little and the "cartoons" kids watch these days are just plain frightening.

It's okay that I don't post my own ramblings until 2:00pm because it takes me that long to get through all of your amazing lives first.

It's okay that I had to put this non-existent okay thing here just to ease my OCD mind and reach a round number.