It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Today it's Ok That...

I realized I haven't worn the one single pair of sneakers I own since last August. Which also means that I haven't been to the gym since then either.

Ay caramba!

I'm more excited about my Mom and Grama visiting over Mother's Day weekend than I am about margarita's on Cinco de Drinko Mayo.

I'm a grown up now (sung to the tune of Burger King's I'm a big kid now)

I enjoy watching the train wreck that is Teen Mom.

No shame.

I'm thrilled that all of the flowers on the sidewalks are slowly starting to die.

Peace out allergies

I looked up apartments in California/Florida this week and realized I could have my own 2 bedroom apt (with a pool and gym) for the same price I pay now for sharing a converted 3 bedroom apt (with no pool or gym) with my two other roommates here in NYC.

Excuse me while I go shoot myself now...

I had a dream last night that Mr. Feeny was giving me life advice.

Boy Meets World Forever.

I plan on whipping my out new crock pot this weekend and using it for the first time ever.

If you have any good recipes send 'em my way!