High Five for Friday

The Rhododendrons have bloomed in front of my apartment building and they make me very, very happy.

Reason A: because they're the most gorgeous color ever and
Reason B: because they remind me of our three huge Rhododendron bushes back at home.

I did something with my hair OTHER than have it down and stick straight. Gasp, I know, it's a miracle. 

I have to admit that the only reason that this happened was because it was down pouring outside so I figured an extra 30 minutes of sleep far exceeded getting ready only to have my hair flop in the blanket of humidity that is NYC weather.

This is called the "Pinterest Inspired/Katniss Everdeen/Little Girl look". Pinterest because I got that "braid a piece of your own hair and make a headband" idea from there, Katniss because it's, well, a side braid, and Little Girl because of the light pink bow hair tie.

I cooked myself the best darn burger ever. Please remember that I don't like bread or really anything doughy for that matter...hence why there is no bun, hence why I have an unappetizing looking patty of gross meat on my plate.

But I promise it was delicious and it's because of this little miracle:
You mix a bit of this onion mix into your meat plus some parsley and pepper
and voila - gross meat patty has some pizazz!

Oh, just in case you're wondering...I cut my burgers with a fork and knife, add a pickle to each bite, dip in ketchup and we're good. I'm a little bit of a freak-a-leak.
I don't order burgers in public places for this reason.

We got cheesecake yesterday at work for someone's birthday. NY Cheesecake is to die for (as soon as you pick off the strawberry goop that tastes like toilet cleaner).

 I definitely power-walked home after eating a hefty portion of this.

I got quite the giggle out of these little clunkers. I'm sorry but these are just wrong and they should never ever make their way into the world of trending fashion items.

If Snooki is sporting them (which she is because I stalk her on the Twatter), then just walk away.

Now go link up with Lauren to high five the day...


...and have yourself a splendid weekend!