Friday's Fancies

Happy FRIDAY lovely ladies!

I'm a pretty happy camper this morning because I have a half day at work and will be heading to Cape Cod for the first time EVER this afternoon.

The roomies and I will be staying in a suite at one of the Inns there, so I decided my Friday's Fancies would be Cape Cod inspired.

Cape Cod

I most certainly will be sporting a navy and white striped dress. Not this exact one since this one is foreign but an H&M pretty little thang.

I will also be rocking some $5 knock-off sunnies because, let's face it, this chick can't keep tabs on her call phone let alone a $200 pair of shades.

Hands down I will be gaining about 30lbs this weekend - made up entirely of lobster tails and crab legs. I don't hate it. You shouldn't either.

I wish I had sandals in this scrumptious minty shade (sigh) but my white Target pair will have to do.

I doubt I will be riding this adorable pink vintage bicycle...but in my Cape Cod inspired fantasy world I so would be.

And last but not least - the big floppy hat - I live for those things. If only the wind allowed them to stay on my head longer than 0.5 seconds.

I hope you all have a great
Memorial Day Weekend!