Cinco de Mayo

So tomorrow is Cindo de Drinko Mayo and I'm a little bit excited. 

This is far less of a thrilling holiday than St. Patrick's Day just because there are far fewer drunkards stumbling up and down 2nd Ave. but I may be a bit more excited for it because 

A. It's a holiday so obviously I can't wait


B. It involves GUACAMOLE! A food that makes my top 5 favorites list which is hard to do because I. Love. Food.

My necessities for tomorrow's festivities:

A cute and easy breezy sun dress since I'll be frolicking the streets of Manhattan all day. I went with a red one to tie in the Mexican colors.

Gaucamole...obviously for said reasons above. It's the best (I have eaten it three times this week and it's only Friday) so any day that gives me an excuse to be fat and eat it ALL DAY LONG is fine by me. 

Some sunnies, again because of the whole frolicking outside in the sun thing, and because they also bring in a hint of green (the guac stuck to my chin doesn't count). 

straw hat to bring the little Meheecana out in me. 

This one is obviously a no-brainer and the picture alone says it all. 
We must drink margs. 

Whether you're celebrating this holiday, heading to the derby, or doing your own thing...I hope you have a fantabulous weekend! 

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