Hi, I'm Erin!

Welcome to Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink
a blog featuring a bunch of rambling nonsense about a whole lot of nothing

Here's a synopsis of my past 23 years of life:

The story of little old me starts out in Trumansburg, NY, a tiny town where the population of mooing animals far exceeds that of humans.

My Hometown:

It's right up the lake from Ithaca, NY (where Cornell University is) and right in the middle of the Finger Lakes region (where there are tons of awesome wineries, great schools, pick up trucks, humble people, farmer's markets, apple orchards, rednecks, forests, pristine waterfalls, and country music).

Lady Antebellum pretty much sums up my 18 years at home:

"She grew up on the side of the road
Where the church bells ring and strong love grows
She grew up good
She grew up slow
Like American honey"

It was a great childhood (one where you jumped from couch to couch to avoid the floor of "lava") and it was all thanks to the best parents in the entire world who made...

My Family:

And the best group of girls that made my High School years way better than Gretchen Wieners'...

The '007 Graduating Class:

My roots may come from the country, (and trust me it shows when I make fun of the chick in her stilettos at a sports bar who's sipping a martini through a straw-holding manicured hand while I chug a Blue Moon through the mouth of a beer bottle) but at the end of the day I'm just as prissy of a princess as the next girl and my dreams far exceed that of a tiny little town.

Which is why I ended up leaving my little comfort zone called home and moving to the biggest city in the country, New York City, which is absolutely where I was born to belong. But I'll get to that later...

First I had to use my noodle and get my knowledge on in College at

Oneonta State:

The city of Oneonta is slightly larger than my hometown but it's still in the middle of absolutely nowhere. There were plenty of farms, you could drive through it in two minutes flat, and the only thing to do was head to the bar or Wal-Mart. Thrilling I know.

But even after all that, it is still the best place on earth because A) It's "Never Never Land" and no one ever grows up, and B) I met friends for life.

Me and my Sophomore Suitemates:

I spent 2.5 years there completing my Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising as well as a minor in Business Communications. When my classes were fulfilled and the kegs were kicked, I moved to the big city of New York to finish up my last remaining semester interning at DKNY.

I graduated in May 2010, at the prime age of 20, a year ahead of schedule.

A College Grad:

So yes, I ended up graduating college before I was ever legally allowed to drink a beer! Something's just not right with that statement.

The day after graduation I was right back in NYC without a real plan for life. I moved into an apartment with my sorority "Big Sister" and still live with her and another sister now. Here we are...

The Craziness of Apt "7M as in Mary":

Which leads us to present day where I am currently chasing dreams, taking names, working my bootay off, eating amazing food, seeing the sights, shopping, racking up bar tabs, people watching, making friends, and living the life here in the city that never sleeps:

New York, New York:

A few things you should know:

I really love am disgustingly obsessed with puppies, but NYC is too expensive for me to have one right now. So instead, I will pet random dogs on the street, know more puppy names than human names in my apartment building, and blog about them constantly (which will totally annoy you).

I love the New York Yankees. A LOT. Like Robinson Cano is my boyfriend a lot. But I try not to talk about sports too much because you will probably get annoyed with that too.

I also really like the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION New York Giants. But I obviously don't listen to my own advice because I just talked about sports...again.

I will attempt to not hate on Boston teams.

But I make no promises.

I like Blue Moons/wine/sangria/margaritas/etc. (and talk about it a lot too) but I promise to goodness gracious that I'm not an alchy!

And finally, sarcasm is my middle name and I rarely take life seriously, so I might not take you seriously if you're going to be at all serious about my non-serious blogging. That is all :)

This is my journey through blogging, 
I hope you enjoy the ride.